Obviously, I can’t share reviews of The Descent of Chloe Jackson, because it isn’t finished yet, and there are no reviews to share.

But, if you’re interested, I have gathered together some of the nicer things various professional readers have said about the draft so far…

You have something fantastic here!

I truly didn’t want your book to end. I would have quite happily finished the whole thing in one sitting if the rest of the manuscript had been completed.

You have such a unique premise here. It is not something I have seen before, and that, in itself, is a huge positive.

George’s section is… superbly done, dramatic and yet intimate at the same time.

I do believe you have something very special and unique here.

I actually forgot that I was reading for a critique – quite a feat!

These chapters really were a joy to read.

What connected all of your stories was their tension, engagement and interest. Each of the pieces I read had me wanting more.

An enjoyable read with rich characters and an even richer world.

The time and attention you put into your characters was a breath of fresh air.

Such a welcoming and enjoyable voice.

I was impressed with how polished and completed these stories were.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your manuscript.

I can’t wait to see how you plan to tie everything together in the end.

Your writing is beautiful and I warmed to the characters very quickly.

I believed in all these people, and I wanted to read more, which is the best praise you can get.

The writing is confident, and is beautifully readable, bubbling along at a lovely pace.

The voice is a delight. Clever, sharp and self-assured, I already like Sarah Quicke, and want to know where her plotting takes her.

I have absolute faith in the storytelling; that the story will be well plotted, and the characters clearly drawn.

If I had the whole manuscript I think I would have kept reading.

Your collection of short stories has been a wonderful experience.

I would happily settle down with a mug of hot chocolate and a slice of Victoria Sponge to read much more of it.

Keep up the good work!

They said some other stuff, of course – suggestions for improvement, bits they didn’t like quite so much, etc. But, if you can’t quote selectively on your own website, then where can you?

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