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The Descent of Chloe Jackson is my first venture into prose fiction; a clamber through the 20th Century in the branches of Chloe’s family tree.

It’s still a Work in Progress. Take a browse through the website, and watch me stumble my way towards publication.

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Dublin. 1907. William’s future looks bright, his engagement to Alice a formality, but a potential blackmailer has evidence of an affair that could ruin everything.

It’s 1896. The dawn of the motor age. Sarah Quicke, the wilful daughter of the Rector of All Saints, Harnham, plans her escape from the weary confines of village life.

Of course, what William and Sarah don’t know is that their stories are mere chapters in a bigger story. The Descent of Chloe Jackson will have thirty such moments, when an ancestor of Chloe makes a decision that could change everything, even the fact of Chloe’s existence.

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