A Very Different Tree Story

Newsletter #4

A Very Different Tree Story

(March 2022)

A more superstitious man might have taken it as a sign that this whole exercise is doomed.

Storm Eunice took out a lovely silver birch tree in our garden a few weeks ago, and laid it down gently across the roof of my writing shed. Luckily, I wasn’t in it at the time (the shed, that is – not the tree). 

So, I’m working in the safety of the house until we can find someone to come and take it away. Fingers crossed that my lovely shed isn’t too damaged.

I suppose it might be a hint from a Higher Authority that I should get on with the writing. These past few weeks have seen a fair bit of activity, but very few words produced. But, have no fear, I shall get back on track, especially once I can get back inside my shed.

I’m currently immersed in research on the career prospects of railway porters at London Bridge Station in the early 1900s, looking for a story for Albert, another of Chloe’s great great grandparents. If I find anything interesting, maybe I’ll let you know.

As always, drop me a line if you’ve any ideas for a future Newsletter, or any thoughts on the impact of falling trees on writers’ productivity. 

And, if you’re enjoying these Newsletters, do please pass them on.

All the best