Summer Reading Week 2022

“There was another letter waiting for him. The same plain, white envelope. The same neat, unremarkable hand. No return address. No overt warning of its hideous contents.

“Mother had placed it on the table, neatly squared with his cutlery. Short of eating his breakfast off it, there was no way to avoid the ambush. She was watching him, waiting for him to pick it up, anticipating the delicious moment when he would colour, and tuck the letter away into his inside pocket. She was delighted. Delighted by the letter and what she thought it contained. She had no idea…”

Starting on Sunday 17th July, you’ll be able to read daily literary goodness from me at your very own breakfast table.

Join me over the course of a week as I share one of my standalone chapters from The Descent of Chloe Jackson.

William Wyman is one of Chloe’s great great grandfathers. He’s a troubled young medical student from Dublin, and his troubles just seem to get worse as the day progresses.

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